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“All I have to say is thank you so much for all the help and support. It means more than you’ll ever know.”  - Sunrise Participant

Join us in supporting survivors
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The quote used above expresses the gratitude which participants have when they get the support and resources they need during their time with us whether at the Shelter or at one of the Outreach offices.


We appreciate you for supporting their journey and empowering them to move from victim to survivor.

By joining the Sunrise Society, you will support the agency year-round and will be recognized for your contributions in our monthly newsletter (with your permission, of course), receive the Sunrise Annual Report each year, and will have the first invitations to any of the special events the agency hosts.

Joining is easy, just click below to donate and check the box to make your donation one that occurs each month. We are grateful for your support.

Every Amount Helps

Provides 2 hours of safety planning with participants



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Provides 3 hours of counseling. On average, Sunrise provides

367 hours of counseling services per month.




Provides a woman with advocacy and support in pursuing a restraining order 
2 days worth of electricity for the shelter 



Would it be easier to pledge your commitment and have us arrange your gift?

We can do that!  Simply complete the pledge form and mail it in! 

Have questions? Contact us at 352-521-3358 or
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