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Peace Breakfast Secures National Speaker

Melissa Dohme was stabbed more than 30 times by her ex-boyfriend and survived to tell the story. Since her recovery, she has begun working as an advocate with the local Hands Across the Bay in Tampa, and is inspiring survivors all over the country by recently launching a national speaking campaign. Her story has been shared in several major newspapers, news programs, and now will be shared with us at the 14th Annual Peace Breakfast on December 9th.

Sunrise Peace Breakfast is a giving event, and attendees will be asked to make a financial contribution. Trustees, businesses, and community leaders sponsor tables and invite friends to attend a free breakfast where they learn about Sunrise, our programs, and violence in our community. This is where special people like you come together once a year to feel the power of giving together. At our Peace Breakfast you open your heart to feel the true community of giving to a worthy cause, and you feel you have the power to make a difference. Join our family at the table as we give together, survive together, hope together, and make peace together.

Make your reservation today by contacting sunrise at or clicking on the event and reserving your spot!

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